Handmade Bracelet from Vietnam -Cyclone-Strawberry Fields

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Chi Tiết Ngắn Gọn Jewelry Loại:Vòng đeo tay, Lắc tay Loại giấy chứng nhận:Không Có mạ:Box Hình dạng \ mẫu:Paracord phong cách:Hiphop/Rock Tôn giáo Loại:Others Ốp Hoa Công Nghệ:Others Nơi xuất xứ:Vietnam Nhãn hiệu:Paracord Số Mô Hình:N/a Vòng đeo tay hoặc Loại Bangles:Cyclone Đồ trang sức Vật liệu chính:None Main đá:None Dịp lễ:Ban cho Giới Tính:Unisex

Đóng Gói & Giao Hàng CảngCat Lai Port - Ho Chi Minh City

Product Description


Product nameCyclone-Strawberry Fields
ColorStrawberry Fields
MaterialParacord from USA
Size12 cm - 24 cm

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The Paracord Vietnam Story Our story began in 2015. Back then we were a bracelet salesman on the street. We make bracelets and sell it on the go. Today, we are privileged to connect with millions of customers everyday with make-on-demand products and technical skills. In the field of paracord bracelet or handmade accessories you can say, we are the top 1st in Vietnam domestic retail market for years. That's why now we want to distribute out value propositions beyond all territories.

Our Product We choose paracord to be our main material in making products because of its strength. We also use many other material together to turn it into designs that you need to do your mission. We put our happiness and good vibes into the product shipping to you. We believe in its viral.

Our mission Ties the world together with cords. Create a long-wearing material world. We practice the culture of Patience everyday. We make firm and fast products. So that human we have more time and fundamental for developing.