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Fresh Seedless Lime Vietnam Fresh Seedless Lime Vietnam
Fresh Seedless Lime Vietnam
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Product Description

Seedless lime are a very important ingredient for food or water. They have been grown in the country for already hundreds of years for the special purpose of adding the subtle lemon flavor to a wide variety of dishes. 

The lemons we provide are premium in quality, attractive in colors, juicy, delicious, nutritious, good for your health.

For cuisine

- The aroma, sourness of lemon is like a spice to make dishes more complete. People use fresh lemon to make dipping sauce, make salads, salads, remove fishy from fish and shrimp. Or you can also use sliced ​​fresh lemon to decorate the dishes. Some specific effects can be mentioned: Preventing intensive vegetables such as potatoes, apples, etc. Keeping green for boiled vegetables, making boiled eggs easier to peel….

- Fresh lemon juice has a very good cooling capacity: Lemon juice is high in vitamin C, good for the skin, for health, so mix lemon juice to drink, fresh lemon smoothie is the favorite drink.

For health

- Pharyngitis cure, dry cough, loss of voice

- Reduce indigestion and constipation

- Treatment of bad breath, tooth sensitivity

- Liver detoxification

- Fresh lemon works well for patients with high blood pressure

- Reduce fever

-  Lemon peel has the ability to relax the mind and reduce pain

For beauty

Lemons are considered a safe, top effective, natural beauty ingredient for both men and women. Beauty effects can be mentioned such as whitening teeth, treating acne, exfoliating, making skincare masks, slowing down the aging process, reducing wrinkles, ... In addition to using lemon juice to drink Help to eliminate toxins in the body and this is also a way of weight loss that many women apply, we can also apply a mask from lemon juice or use essential oils from lemon peel to clean the skin.

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