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Lacta peanut butter Lacta peanut butter
Lacta peanut butter
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$ 2374

Ingredients: Peanut (peanuts), honey, Himalaya pink salt

Brown Rice Banh Mi & Roasted Sesame




Product Features:

The product is yellow in color, thick and fragrant with roasted peanuts.

A processed product that is very appealing to both adults and children; completely do not use any additives, completely from purebred peanuts grown in Viet Yen, Bac Giang, Luc Ngan honey and Himalayan pink salt, the salt takes hundreds of years to form. Contains up to 84 minerals.

Used to serve with bread, biscuits, other dry cakes

Ingredients for ice cream, smoothies, cakes, ...

Expiry date: 5 months

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Sticky malt Sticky malt
Sticky malt
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$ 2935


Golden flower sticky rice, rice seeds (All natural ingredients)

Homemade Brown & Roasted Sesame



Products featured:

The product has clear, colored, clear wings, similar to color honey bee but thicker and more flexible. Sweet taste, mild fragrance.

The product is benign and can replace sugar in cooking and preparing.

Rich in nutrients, easy to digest, replenish the body later.

Serve with rice cakes, fried rice, peanuts, ...

Sweet use for nourishing tea, distilled nest,...

Ingredients for peanut candy, green tea, and other confectionery.

Expiry date: 6 months

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JOY noodle JOY noodle
JOY noodle
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Ingredients: Country rice, salt, and clean water.

Net weight: 360 g and 450g

JOY VN's noodle products are produced from the countryside rice grown in Bac Giang province and the clean water source of the Luc Ngan mountains, using traditional manual methods.

Still with the criteria of producing clean products, without using industrial additives, JOY VN's Chu noodle ensures the safety, quality, and the quality of the noodles, which are characteristic of this famous noodle in this mountainous region. .

The product is packed in reusable paper bags and zip bags to limit the impact on the environment. JOY VN wishes to produce not only good products but also green and friendly products!

Expiry date: 6 months

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