Built in Vietnam pontoon bridge

Bridge Floats Made In Vietnam
The assembled pontoon bridge is becoming more popular in Vietnam with many outstanding advantages.
1.The float bridge is easy to assemble and transport.
The structure of the product is square buoys with size: 50cm * 50cm * 40cm. With the 4 connecting ears around the float, can join into large arrays. Especially due to the simple pairing, the transportation is also very compact and fast.
2. Convenient storage at the end of the usage season.
The features are compact floating buoys that are assembled when the season is over. We can simply disassemble each cluster and store it in our warehouse. Moreover, due to the square box shape, the product can be stacked up high. This is an extremely convenient feature of the product.
3.Can be stitched into many different shapes and sizes.
With different requirements on the shape and size of the pontoon bridge to match the space and field area. Investors will have different bridge designs. Therefore, the pontoon bridge will satisfy all requirements of the investor.
4.Used in many weather and windy conditions.
Due to the structural and material characteristics, the assembled pontoon bridge can withstand high levels of wind and waves. Good elasticity. The coupling is flexible so it can flex greatly without breaking. In addition, the plastic material is also safe for the environment. No rust, no pollution and waste.
5.Good use for many different types of projects.
There are many applications for pontoon bridges today. Such as: piers, marinas, aquatic floating rafts, solar floating rafts. High durability is an extremely important advantage for investors to choose this product for their projects.
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Product Description Hbe7d0f98a82d48699ef082b5539d608e2.jpg_.webpH276ec2e03aba42b082558b298a2f0627w.jpg_.webpFloating Docks Pontoon 1.Dimension: 500mm×500mm×400mm(L*W*H)
2.Weight: 7.0Kgs/ pc ± 0.3Kgs/ pc
3.Floating Capacity: 350Kgs/ M2
4.Raw Material: HDPE
5.Preference Temperature: -60°C/+80°C
6.Color available: orange, blue, gray, black
7.Load Capacity: Each one square meter is made up of four pontoons, top load is 325kgs.
8.Draft without load: 2.5-3cm;
9.Draft with load of 150kgs: 15-20cm(safe);
10.Draft with load of 300kgs:35-40cm(load limit) H59c9c189fccd49bb888b1fa449709cbbG.jpg_.webpH960aeb606efe4344a0ccce3599564fff2.jpg_.webp Application H3d4a333a55c9435e8914b53c71dc3d42m.jpg_.webp