Manufacturer OEM PP Filler Taical Masterbatch Calbest

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Index Test method Unit Typical value
PE resin --- 20
CaCO3 content --- 80
CaCO3 particle size  Malvern Mastersizer 2000   µm 2
MFI ASTM D1238 g/10 mins 0.1 -2g/10min
Density  ASTM D1505 g/cm3 1.80 - 1.85 
Moisture  ASTM D644 0.1 max
Moisture --- granule 2~3 mmФ

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Our procedures

Anphat Minerals manufacturing is state-of-the-art with global manufacturing facilities, modern machining centers. Our techniques and processes for mining marble stone and producing filler master-batches are designed for maximum flexibility so that we can carry out global clients orders in the way that best suits them. We also continuously strive to streamline and improve our internal flow and deliveries to achieve as efficient a process as possible.

Our company built its business model around a comprehensive extraction business to ensure the fastest delivery as well as a strictly monitored and easily controlled quality at any stage. Apart from owning all our quarries and factories, we are the only company in Vietnam that perfoms and controls the whole process from mining, processing, final production, and supply to the end-users.

Factory presentation

Brand: Calbest or OEM

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