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At, our vision is to build a strong bridge between Vietnam and the world, awaken the potential of Vietnamese manufacturers and bring their excellent products to every corner of the world. this planet. We believe that Vietnam has unique and unique values to share with the world, and is the first step in the journey to make this a reality.

Mission mission is to provide a powerful and convenient e-commerce platform, helping Vietnamese manufacturers access international markets more easily than ever. We want to create fair conditions for businesses in Vietnam so they have the opportunity to create global change through their products.

Core values

1. Connectivity: At, we believe that connection is the key to development and success. We are committed to connecting businesses and individuals both in Vietnam and around the world, creating strong bonds so they can grow together and learn from each other.

2. Innovation: We are always looking for ways to improve and develop our services through constant creativity. We drive innovation to ensure that we stay responsive to new challenges and opportunities in the constantly changing e-commerce environment.

3. Quality: The products and services we provide must meet the highest standards. We are committed to supporting and promoting the production of high-quality Vietnamese products to enhance the reputation of our country's manufacturing industry.

4. Integrity: Honesty and transparency are important factors in all transactions and relationships. We always adhere to these principles to build trust with our partners and users.

5. Sustainable Development: We care about the environment and society. We encourage and support sustainable production and business practices that help protect natural resources and communities while growing the economy. is proud of our vision, mission, and core values, and we are committed to continuing to contribute to the development of Vietnam and the world through e-commerce and global connectivity. . We look forward to a future where products originating from Vietnam can be known and appreciated around the world. - Connecting Vietnam to the world.